Shireen's Story

Updated: Oct 30

In 6 weeks Shireen lost 7kg and 9cm from her stomach!

What Shireen had to say

“I am very proud as I have never accepted my body before so you definitely have worked your magic, thank you.

I have loved the process and am no longer feeling guilty or harsh on myself, loving my body more and more each day.

Can’t thank Tim enough for the effort and commitment he has shown during my journey. Tim is very knowledgeable and has a way of explaining everything to ensure you understand and can reflect into your lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Tim enough!”

Shireen’s Results

Stage 1 – 6-week transformation

Shireen’s first goal was to lose a little bit of weight, after Christmas, before her holiday to Australia. We actually only had 5 weeks in the end in which time she lost 7kg

The changes to her body measurements in this time were just as impressive:

Waist 7cm

Navel 9cm

Hips 4cm

Bust 3cm

L Thigh 4.5cm

Shireen was incredibly dedicated to achieving her goal and whilst I was there to support her along the journey, her results are a testament to the hard work she put in to achieve them.

All weight-loss approaches require a reduction in overall calories but we were able to make this far easier for Shireen by including the foods she loves, in moderation. She even enjoyed the regular family take away whilst still making progress.

Stage 2 – Sustaining Change

On her return from holiday, Shireen’s goal had shifted towards sustaining the changes she had made and a focus on health.

We focussed on her mindset towards food and exercise and she has now formed healthy habits that will effortlessly support her nutrition for the rest of her life.

I couldn’t be any prouder of Shireen and I’m so pleased to have been part of her journey.

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