Sharon's Story

In 12 weeks, Sharon lost 4.3kg (6% of her starting weight!),7cm from her stomach and 4.5cm from her hips

What Sharon had to say

“I was looking for help managing my food cravings and trying to lose some weight specifically around the belly.

Tim has a wealth of knowledge and shows his passion regarding nutrition and health in everything he discusses with me. He is non-judgemental and very supportive. He has educated me on carbs, proteins and fats. In fact, I was eating too little I now eat more than ever, picking foods that keep me feeling fuller for longer, as a result have less cravings and have lost weight.

Tim’s care and concern and delivery of the messages and support have been really appreciated. He tried to explain the reality of the situation and make you think about why something may have happened and how you could approach it differently to try and break the habit or mindset. He stays in constant communication and offers little messages of support and motivation as well as recognition. There are no silly questions - Tim has been a great help.

The FoodFlexibility program uses an app which helps Tim monitor the stats and he then provides guidance on how to adapt or change if something isn’t working. We have regular face to face video calls and discuss the whole lifestyle not just the diet!

Working with Tim has been really helpful and easy in terms of relationship. I was reticent to approach Tim but as so delighted I did.

I have tried a lot of different things but the education I received as well as the encouragement and support has been invaluable.

I have already mentioned Tim to a number of people - friends, colleagues and even someone I got chatting to at boot camp.”


After the initial 12 weeks Sharon felt that she would like some continued support with her journey and has now lost a further 1.3kg even with a holiday in between!

Sharon is due to reach her goal weight in a couple of weeks and at this stage we will work together to build the habits that will allow her to maintain her results for the rest of her life!

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