Karen's Story

Updated: Nov 12

In 12 weeks, Karen lost 6kg, 6cm from her stomach and 7cm from each thigh!

What Karen had to say

“I was looking for help eating the right foods to support the amount of exercise I was doing. Previously, I just kept putting the weight back on after using Weight Watchers and other slimming clubs so I wanted to get my portion sizes right and change my mindset.

Working with Tim helped me to match my portions to my activity, increase the amount of protein in my diet to support my exercise alongside an appropriate amount of carbohydrates.

The FoodFlexibility program totally changed my mindset, I have managed to try different foods (i.e vegetables) instead of bingeing on biscuits or other sweet things after a long-distance cycle or after boot camp.

Tim really helped me think differently around food, helping me to understand that you can have the occasional sweet treat and no food or drink is banned as long as you have a way to incorporate it within your daily calorie count.

Tim has a very open approach, and always available when or if required. I would totally recommend Tim to others, especially to other Evolve Bootcamp members.”


Karen sent me an email today to let me know that since we worked together she has lost a further 3.2kg taking her total weight loss up to 9.3kg.

She tells me that the biggest change since working with me is being able to manage her calories and portion sizes.

My ultimate goal is to leave my clients with all of the knowledge and tools they need to manage and maintain their weight for the rest of their lives so it makes me incredibly happy to know that Karen is standing on her own two feet!

So a huge well done to Karen, I'm really proud of her accomplishments.

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