Jenny's Story

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

In 12 weeks, Jenny lost 4.3kg (9.5lbs), 9cm from each thigh and 5cm from her stomach!

What Jenny had to say

“I came across Tim as he works with my local boot camp (Evolve Guildford) and is kind and easy to talk to so I thought I would ask for his help to lose weight and learn how to manage my portion control.

Before working with Tim, I've never actually been taught how to adjust my mindset towards the way I eat before and still genuinely have everything I want. He has taught me masses, helped change my mindset on portions and my view on what I need on my plate.

I have learned more from Tim than I ever have with any diet plan. I feel my approach to my meals is much more sensible and I feel quite proud of myself for how much I have taken on board and now apply every day with my meals and planning. I actually feel my end goal is achievable.

Through the support and encouragement of Tim’s FoodFlexibility program, I came to realise that I can get through tougher situations whilst learning how to better manage them going forward.

I would 100% recommend Tim to everyone that is looking to change their approach to food and nutrition, but especially those who have struggled with many diet plans over time as this has genuinely been life-changing for me with my mindset.”

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