Want to stop overeating? Is your food environment holding you back?

Are you struggling to stick to a nutrition plan, do you like to keep ‘treats’ in the house but wish you had more willpower?

Once you pop do you struggle to stop?

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I like to keep a few things in the house that I really enjoy eating, some ice cream, a few small bags of crisps, a bar of chocolate etc.

I also want to stay on track with my diet, so how do I manage to have the ‘willpower’ to limit myself to a calorie appropriate portion?

But how do I do that?

In this blog, I am going to give you my favourite strategies for managing your food environment.

10 ways your food environment may be holding you back

1. Be sure that your main meals are nutritious, healthy and filling. That way, you may not find that you need to snack all that often if at all

2. Don’t eat whilst distracted this can lead to overeating and poor digestion. Switch off the TV at mealtimes and don’t eat at your desk if you can possibly avoid it

3. Hide the less nutritious, highly palatable stuff at the back of a cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind…

4. Before you reach for the biscuit tin or a bag of crisps etc. ask yourself ‘am I just thirsty’ ‘am I bored’, ‘Could I have a piece of fruit instead’

5. If you decide you do want something less nutritious, put it on the side and come back in 5 minutes. If you still really want it and would really, really enjoy it then fine, otherwise put it back for another day

6. Only buy what you absolutely need, this helps avoid food wastage and the feeling that you need to eat it before it goes off. Ignore the 3 for 2 offers (if they still exist!), or at least question the need

7. Consider having a lower amount (say 3 portions) of less nutritious ‘treats’ in the house, only replacing them once a week. This way you are not denying yourself but making it easier to practice moderation

8. Consider smaller items (e.g. mini magnum rather than full size) you still get the deliciousness

9. Serve a small portion from the container and then put it away, if you eat straight from the packet/box/tub you are far more likely to overeat without realising

10. Have a plan. Plan out the meals that you want to eat for the week that you know will support your goals. Stick to this list when you go shopping or order online. This way you will be far less tempted by the offers the supermarkets try and seduce you into. If you want a pack of Jaffa Cakes but they are on a 'buy one get one free' offer, is buying that second packet really going to help with your goals?

Take a look at those 10 points, do any of those sound familiar?

By taking the time to read this blog you now have a bit more awareness around some of these factors and can begin to make changes to your food environment that support your nutritional goals rather than sabotaging them.

If you struggle with overeating because of your own food environment then let me know in the comments below, I’d love to help!

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