I’m Tim and I’m an Active IQ Level 4 Nutrition Coach.

I love team sport and exercise and I'd describe myself as a bit of a 'Weekend Warrior', balancing a full time job whilst training in the gym before or after work and competing at the weekends.

Just like you, my time is precious so each time I step into the weight room or onto the pitch I want to maximise my performance. I'm a hustler on the pitch and what I lack in talent I make up for in workmate so properly fuelling myself to perform is essential for me!

For years I struggled to make progress and build the body that I am now proud of. Each time I tried to put on a little muscle I was too afraid of gaining excess fat.​ Once I put together the right guidance from a few different coaches and nailed my nutrition I managed to put on 3kg of muscle and master my own physical performance.​​​

I set up FoodFlexibility to help people just like me from repeating all the mistakes I have made in the past.


If you are a busy professional guy, I want to help you to get back in shape without missing out on the foods you love.


No doubt, already know how to train but you perhaps don't have as much time these days so they don't 'get away' with eating whatever they like anymore. We do all coaching online so it fit's your schedule.


The best part is that it's not a restrictive diet - you learn how to fit in the foods you love and maintain your newly rediscovered body for the rest of your life.

Yes that does include beer and chocolate!

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