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Emily's Story

"FoodFlexibility has given me the most success I’ve had with weight loss and improving my relationship with food for a long time."

What Emily had to say

“I came to Tim looking for help with weight loss and my relationship with food.

Tim gave me the tools and information I needed to be able to put things into practice by myself whilst also providing support and accountability along the way.

FoodFlexibility has given me the most success I’ve had with weight loss and improving my relationship with food for a long time. It gives you the knowledge you need to be able to apply it yourself without having to stick to rules such as calorie counting (not strictly anyway) which I find very beneficial in terms of my outlook towards food. There is some accountability in terms of what you record on the app but you are not made to feel any shame or embarrassment.

Tim is incredibly supportive, helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk too. He really goes out of his way to help with any problems that may arise. For example, a potential diagnosis of PCOS came up during my sessions and Tim was very helpful in finding research and information about it to help. You aren’t made to feel any guilt which I find particularly important for keeping a positive relationship with food.

I have really enjoyed the experience and it has had a really positive impact on my life. I’m very grateful to Tim for all of his help and there is no way I would have made this progress without his help and support.

I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone who needed help with diet, improving their relationship with food or just wanted factual information about healthy eating.”


Having lost lost 16kg (14% of her starting weight) and 18cm from her stomach in our first 12 weeks working together, Emily decided that she would like my further support.

I'm delighted with her consistent progress, even with some significant personal challenges along the way. Emily has transformed her eating habits whilst still including all of the foods she loves and I am one very proud coach!

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