Client Results



has given me the most success I’ve had with weight loss

and improving my

relationship with food for a long time.



"I am very proud as I have never accepted my body before so you definitely have worked your magic, thank you.


I have loved the process and am no longer feeling guilty or harsh on myself, loving my body more and more each day." 



"Tim really helped me think differently around food, helping me to understand that you can have the occasional sweet treat and no food or drink is banned as long as you have a way to incorporate it" 

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Karen Results2.png


"I would 100% recommend Tim to everyone that is looking to change their approach to food and nutrition, but especially those who have struggled with many diet plans over time as this has genuinely been life changing for me with my mindset" 

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"Tim has a wealth of knowledge and shows his passion regarding nutrition and health in everything he discusses with me.


He is non-judgemental and very supportive."


Thank you to my online coaching clients for offering to share their stories.

The results you see below are a testament to their individual dedication and effort.

What is the key to their success?


Finding a plan they can stick to consistently.

They put in the hard work, I simply help them to find the plan that works for them.