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FoodFlexibility specialises in helping brides and grooms get in the best possible shape for their wedding day, without the need for crazy exercise regimes, whilst enjoying the foods they love


“I am very proud as I have never accepted my body before so you definitely have worked your magic, thank you.

Tim is very knowledgeable and has a way of explaining everything to ensure you understand and can reflect into your lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Tim enough!” 

—  Shireen


My Story

For years I struggled to make progress and build the body that I am now proud of. Each time I tried to put on a little muscle I was too afraid of gaining excess fat.

Once I got the right guidance from a coach and nailed my nutrition I managed to put on 3kg, without getting fat and my suit fitted perfectly.

In the run-up to our wedding, I coached my wife, helping her fit into the dress of her dreams without restrictive dieting, eating the foods she loved and avoiding costly dress alterations.

I want you to have the same freedom we had and feel incredible on your wedding day.


I specialise in helping brides and grooms to not worry about their dress or suit fitting. Allowing them to be comfortable in those clothes so they can enjoy all of the beautiful food and drink on offer and have the freedom to pull off all those late-night dance moves!

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