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FoodFlexibility specialises in helping brides and grooms get in the best possible shape for their wedding day, without the need for crazy exercise regimes, whilst enjoying the foods they love.

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Hi, I’m Tim, here I am on my wedding day, looking and feeling EPIC.

I set up FoodFlexibility to help you feel exactly the same way!

Like a lot of grooms, I wanted a special suit that I filled out in all the right places and could wear for the rest of my life.

My wife also looked absolutely stunning in the dress of her dreams and in the run up to our wedding, I helped her to fit into her dress without restrictive dieting and whilst enjoying all of the foods she loves. We tracked her progress along the way, allowing me to ensure the minimum amount of costly dress alterations possible.

How did I become a nutrition coach?

Over the years I have tried a number of different ‘diets’, low fat, low carb, paleo, clean eating…. The thing that was lacking in all of these approaches was FLEXIBILITY.

I started out a little bit overweight and managed to lose that extra fat at which point I then felt a bit skinny and struggled with gain gaining muscle for years. Whilst I had limited success going it alone, THE BEST thing I did to solve all those problems was to hire a coach.

As I’ve always had a keen interest in nutrition, my knowledge grew along the way and I was able to develop a far more sustainable approach to my own eating habits.

Over time, I have found that I was inspiring an increasing number of people, getting plenty of nutrition-related questions and this inspired me to get some formal training to allow me to help as many people as possible which led me to complete an Active IQ Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching.

Working together with my wife in the run-up to our own wedding day inspired me to share this knowledge and success with others. We did not have to starve ourselves, spend hours in the gym or miss out on social occasions so reach our goal and you should not have to either.

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Photo:             The Springles

Suit:                 Graeme Healey

Venue:             Millbridge Court

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