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Online Nutrition Coaching

Energised & Ready

for everything you do

Rediscover Your Best Self


At Work

Improve your concentration, productivity and mood.


In The Gym

Stop spinning your wheels and unlock your progress


At Home

 Become more present with your family and friends


On The Pitch

Have the energy to perform to your potential into injury time and beyond.

Without giving up the foods you love!

Find Your FoodFlexibility

Hey, I'm Tim and my job is helping people with full on jobs fuel their performance at home, work and in the gym without giving up booze or chocolate.

You're here because but you're busy with work, family and social commitments which means you don't 'get away' with eating whatever you like anymore.


You're no longer your 20 year old self, your priorities these days are work, family and having a social life.


Any spare time you do have to play sport, or train, is precious. You want to show up energised and well fuelled so you can perform to your potential to show your friends and your family that you don't have to accept being 'past it' after you hit 30!

I work with you to help you build meals you love to eat.


You are a unique human being so the right approach to you is unique too.

So let's have a good old fashioned conversation!

Book a free, no obligation call to find out more about working with me personally to improve your nutrition.

What is FoodFlexibility...


Martin, 39, busy professional & dad of two

"In general I think, as we said before, the difference for me is I don’t feel like I’m dieting.


My wife said the same last night. It just feels like eating, but eating good stuff instead of 5 days of s**te in a row "

Help yourself

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Pile of Donuts

It's NOT about willpower

Beat Sugar Cravings

The truth is, if you’ve been eating a lot of sugar (a common issue!), cutting back can be tough. You might feel tired and moody, experience cravings, and more!

Join my 5 day sugar 'detox' and hit the reset button on the sweet stuff so you can finally enjoy it in moderation.

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The most effective way to...

Get Started

FoodFlexibility is the OPPOSITE of a restrictive diet.


My clients learn how to fit in the foods they love in a way that suits their lifestyle. By doing that they maintain their progress for life!

If you want to find out how then you can pick up a few of my best tips for FREE in this Podcast. So, check out the episode today!


Coming Soon...

Time Crunch Workouts

We all know how important it is to move your body and get in regular exercise…. but life gets busy. Things pop up all of the time.


To make it easy for you, I've put together some short workouts you can easily do at home all between 5 and 20 minutes long.

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Hall of Fame

Thank you to my online coaching clients for offering to share their stories.

These results are a testament to their individual dedication and effort.

What is the key to their success?


Finding a plan they can stick to consistently.

They put in the hard work, I simply help them to find the plan that works for them.



Don’t struggle alone!


Nutrition really isn’t complicated but there are about a million different ways to get the job done so figuring out what works for you is the most difficult bit. 


As an online nutrition coach, I can help you.


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Tim Goodman